Hearing “I’m Here”

Last week, I picked up my son from school and stood outside the room watching discreetly for a few minutes as always. As Finn wandered over to the boy sitting alone and shared his toys, I drifted back…

When I started middle school, I spent a lot of time by myself on the outside of the world where the other children played. It was difficult moving as much as we did not to mention my new best friend, a wicked speech impediment that came on after an accident, reminded me daily that I was different.

Because of this, my shyness grew with each passing year so I gave up on making friends, gave up on the social world around me. Instead, I created adventures in my mind and spent many days lost in books, stories, comics, and drawings. These moments frustrated teachers and enraged my mom. It also saddened me.

I was lucky though. A boy named Johnny extended his hand to me and showed me the meaning of friendship. His friendship brought me out of my shell and helped me through four high schools in four years.

I remain extremely shy to this day, but I think because Johnny saw me saying “I’m here” I’ve learned to address it as much as possible.

I wonder how many people we pass daily that are saying I’m Here. I wonder how many students in our class, our school are hoping someone out there will see them saying I’m Here.

Reynolds, P. (2008). I’m Here. Fable Vision, Inc.

Rise to the Challenge

What would happen if all teachers, administrators, and stakeholders rose to the challenge in this way?

Will you rise to the challenge or see this as just another “welcome back to school”?