About Ryan

I’m a creator; dreamer; eater; executor; learner; thinker. I believe in the power of  and growth as my two guiding mindsets. I fear stagnation, complacency, and boredom.


I’m a disruptive educator. I’ve spent 15 years in education, either as a high school English educator or one of my many administrator roles. Most recently, I accepted the role of Associate Principal of Curriculum and Instruction. In this role, I believe my focus to be: framing and bringing to life a vision of the learner experience and learning/teaching by putting the wheels on the ideas of the great minds around me. In my past role as Chief Innovation Officer/Director of EdTech, I focused on innovation in learning and teaching, whole-child education, and project management for district and building-wide technology, systems, and human-centered initiatives.

Currently, I’m “completing” my doctoral work with an ethnography research on spaces people inhabit for learning and a comparative case study of the design, implementation, and impact of physical learning spaces in schools using an environmental psychology lens. The common thread in my presentations and work is that the most important conversation we can be having today in schools centers on creativity, experiences, happiness, learning, and passions.


I’ve spent the better part of my life involved in athletics and fitness. A release both mentally and physically, I’ve always been drawn to the mental side and preparation side of athletics. From baseball and football to bodybuilding and crossfit, I believe in the power of an active lifestyle as much as an active mind.  A self proclaimed fitness athlete, Ryan is focused on competing in the National Physique Committee’s (NPC) Bodybuilding Physique Class as a Master’s competitor (over 35 years old). Believing in intensity and passion, I am forever a student of all aspects of fitness, nutrition, and sports psychology.

Contact Information

Website: www.ryanbretag.com
Email: rbretag [at] gmail [dot] com