Sharing Gift of Wellness; Cereal Celebration Menu

I continue to riff on the idea of spreading the gift of wellness via acts of kindness and play. Modeling in action and speaking about it only go so far. Immersing people into experiences are where change is likely to occur: Acts of Kindness + Great Attitude = Positive Change. 

Today, we tackled breakfast and the default of many working adults: either skipping it entirely or eating something quick (and perhaps too often unhealthy). And cereal becomes one such default if kids are in the mix. 

This is the menu shared with colleagues today at our Quest Cereal Celebration. People of all different ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels enjoyed this experience and shared how the food was surprisingly good! Hopefully, this gives these tremendous colleagues other options for them, their family, and their friends!

The Menu

A. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal

  1. Chop up two Quest Nutrition Beyond Cereal cinnamon roll bar into 30 pieces each and place in a bowl 
  2. Pour Almond Milk, Fairlife Milk, or MuscleEgg vanilla in a bowl
  3. Sprinkle with Cinnamon 
  4. Enjoy!!

Macros (w Muscleegg) Cal: 360 Pro: 49 Carbs: 36 (6 net) Fat: 9

 B. Waffle Sticks

  1. Slice a Quest Beyond Cereal Maple bar in three
  2. Fill a ramekins with sugar free syrup
  3. Dip and eat

Macros: Cal: 110 Pro: 12 Carbs: 17 (3 net) Fat: 4.5

C. Protein Hot Chocolate

  1. Heat up water (or aforementioned milk)
  2. In a shaker, put one serving of Quest Nutrion chocolate protein with 16oz hot liquid.  
  3. Shake and pour into 2-4 mugs 
  4. Shave pieces of a Quest Nutrition S’mores protein bar into each cup 

Macros (w water and without bar shavings) Cal: 110 Pro: 23 Carbs: 4 (2 net) Fat:0

D. Blueberry Muffins

  1. Cube a Quest Nutrition blueberry muffin bar into 6-8 pieces 
  2. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  3. Place  piece on baking sheet for 3 minute, flip, and bake for another 3-5 minutes

Macros  Cal: 190 Pro: 21 Carbs: 22 (5 net) Fat: 6

E. Cookie Jar Cereal

  1. Chopped the Quest Beyond Cereal chocolate bar into 32 pieces and place in a bowel
  2. Microwave Quest chocolate chip bar for 10 sec, break into 12 pieces, roll into balls
  3. Bake rolled balls for 5 min at 350 degrees
  4. Place the baked cookies into the bowl with Beyond Cereal bar
  5. Pour 3/4c of liquid in the bowl and sprinkle with cocoa 
  6.  Place bowl in fridge for 3-5 minutes
  7. Pull bowl out and pour remaining 1/4c of liquid in bowl.
  8. Boom!!!

Macros (w Muscleegg) Cal: 440 Pro: 58 Carbs: 41 (8 net) Fat: 10

Finding And Centering Around Your Purpose

Finding And Centering Around Your Purpose

I get a lot of questions about why I do all the things I do, why I can’t just be one thing, how do all these different interests link, etc.. All good, genuine questions.

Let me try and explain how I centered around my passions, which I believe can help everyone!

There are questions and there are life focus points that can help you find your true north:

  1. Where do you put your effort? 
  2. What’s your purpose? 
  3. What is a meaningful life? What is a life worth living? 
  4. What is your pursuit? 
  5. What gives you meaning? 
  6. What brings you joy (not happiness)?
  7. What’s your cause? 
  8. What’s your belief? 
  9. Why does your organization exist? 
  10. Why do you get out of bed in the morning? 
  11. How do you measure yourself? And why should anyone care? 

I believe in the need to discover a deep sense of purpose for one’s life. These questions help one center themselves to a purpose. Then one must not only believe it but live and work for it daily on fulfilling that purpose! As Terry Orlick eloquently proclaims, “The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy, or passion.”

 Define your horizon and anchor to it by exploring sparks, engaging curiosities, paying attention to where energy flows, and growing ideas. Passions will emerge and then you are free, you are born. If you don’t know, begin removing the things that aren’t/don’t.

Chasing and growing from my sparks, curiosities, adventures, and experiences has created a unique and diverse passion set. But… it has created an intersection that is my path, my vision, my obsession. My quest is the intersections of those many strange and unique passions (including a foodie!!): I want to be a blueprint for how one maximizes human potential in the area of mind, body, heart, and self – to help everyone #LevelUp. If I can learn with and help grow all of those around me, we can collectively rewire the human condition. Obsessed with mindsets and innovation, I am chasing that horizon to #livelaughlove to the fullest. I’m less an athlete, less an educator, less a leader. I am a human scientist using everything I can.

An ethnographer and seeker at heart, I’m constantly seeking new adventures, challenges, connections, and growth. Without that, I’m dead inside. Without that, I become fixated on being happy (things that often lead to bad decision making) instead of lasting joy.

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Weekend Mindset

It never fails. By 8am, I’ve heard at least three times how many days until the weekend: “two down. Three to go!”, “almost there”, “get me to the weekend”, and so forth.

Living for the weekend is fascinating and probably the easiest warning sign that something needs to change.

My goal has always been to live in the moment away from the regret of yesterday and the anxiety of tomorrow. Tis not always easy.

But how many of us are caught in counting days to meaningfulness instead of sucking meaning out of the moment? What if the weekend mindset was our daily mindset?

Imagine how much more loving, laughing, and loving would emerge.

Doors Closing

The lifespan of an opportunity is always near ready to close the door on that moment. When your mind is close to giving up and questioning why, remember your vision. 

Message upon message will scream, “you can’t… You shouldn’t…” . A society that is change adverse sees those who fear complacency as different, even a threat. But that message matters only to the degree that one listens.

We are designed to change, evolve, grow, and succeed, a constant pattern of fail-recommit. Somewhere we lose this and we begin calculating risk/reward (overestimating risk while underestimating reward), playing it safe, and sabotaging personal growth and happiness to satisfy the status quo societal needs. 

I’m guilty as charged and it hurts. It is the making of regret, of giving up, of being content/good enough. 

Like water flowing in a stream, you’ll never be in this spot again. Make the most of it! Get your mindset right and become your vision!

Life of Purpose

I believe in the need to discover a deep sense of purpose for one’s life. Then one must not only believe but work daily on fulfilling that purpose! This means doing what’s right for you, even if it hurts some people you love. As Terry Orlick eloquently proclaims, “The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy, or passion.”

What is your pursuit? What gives you meaning? What brings you joy? If you don’t know, begin removing the things that aren’t/don’t. 

Life of purpose is a life worth living.

Design for Happiness

People that know me understand my obsession with positive psychology and the state of #livelaughlove. It is why I drift to roles in my professional life that are centered on designing experiences. In education, one of those has long been this ambiguous concept of professional development design.

Believe me, it is brutally difficult and there are many facets to it. However, one often overlooked aspect is the actual experience you want people to a) look forward to b) actually experience c) remember. Positive psychology, behavioral psychology, and design provide a tremendous framework, a framework I pull out with any experience I am trying to design – yes, whether in education or just my life.

In a nutshell, there are three keys to creating a happy experience: anticipation, interaction, and afterglow. These create a halo. The Happiness Halo, in other words, means the experience will last much longer than the moment and has a much greater chance of meaningful impact if you design for before, during, and after.

The next time you are designing an experience, say a professional development experience, consider thinking about how you are designing for happiness. I promise you’ll see the benefits!