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On “Students Like Social Media Infographic”

ASCD recently published their Winter Policy Priorities brief “Can Social Media and School Policies be “Friends”? One of the items that has circled around the web is the Students Like Social Media Infographic (click here for PDF). The focus of the infographic was to show how much students like social media and how “Students like social media. Surveys show students …

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Obsessed with Numbers

I wish I had Seth Godin‘s recent post “The trap of social media noise” before talking with students about blogging. It is a critical discussion point for them AND for those of us educators immersed online. Why? Godin drills the point home about the wrong focus: followers, quantity, and constant “noise”. In other words, flood the social media channels with …

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Straight No Chaser and Community Building

The Chicago Theater has played host to incredible talent over the decades and last Saturday I had a chance to witness one of those great talents: Straight No Chaser. Beyond the talent of this musical group, the history of the group rooted in social media and their continued focused on social networks to expand their fan base is a stellar …

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A Stage for Schools: How Will We Embrace It?

The social media¬†phenomenon¬†continues to bring interactivity to the mainstream and lead more and more people into a connected world. A clear example of this is the upcoming Emmy Awards where NBS is rolling out social media on the red carpet: Official Twitter Stream: Follow all the news as it comes through on the Emmy’s Official Twitter page Tweet About Presenter …

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Stretch and Support Their PLN

The notion of having students develop PLNs was in part a topic on this past formal Twitter #edchat discussion. It is a really intriguing discussion and Dodie Ainslie peaked my interest when she asked “Is there anyone out there who are facilitating their students building a PLN? how and what are they sharing?” These simple yet important questions raises many …

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Understand the Social Phenomenon

The invasion of social media on the sports world over the past year is somewhat remarkable as tweeting, Ustream channels, and the omnipresent Facebook become common “hangouts” for pro athletes. What happens when the ability to access, communicate with, and connect to these individuals becomes a daily possibility? Will this shatter the fourth wall between us and them? How will …

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