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Digital Readers are Windows into Reading Habit


So in the world of flipping things, here is one for you: “your e-(text)book is reading you” even more than you are reading it. For centuries, reading has largely been a solitary and private act, an intimate exchange between the reader and the words on the page. But the rise of digital books has prompted a profound shift in the …

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On “Books vs. screens: Which should your kids be reading?”

Sigh… Books vs. screens: Which should your kids be reading?  As much as I try to practice what I preach about my willingness to be disturbed, there is no question articles like this make it difficult. Despite posing an interesting question in the title, the article makes it very clear it isn’t really a question: the “dumb” will go to the screen and …

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Reading Digitally Infographic

Infographic Small

Our summer pilot “Reading Digitally” focused on exploring the world of ebooks and online reading. The experience was quite engaging and powerful for those involved, and I highly recommend others host a similar experienceespecially if you are having discussions about ebooks, etextbooks, transliteracy, literacy, etc. Without this experience, our perceptions and beliefs become the focus instead of our actual experience. …

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Who are You as a Reader?

If you have shifted a significant portion of your reading digitally, I would love to know “Who are you (becoming) as a reader?” now that you are on a device. I’ve been asking myself this question since I shifted most my reading to the iPad plus wondering “Is it different than who I was prior to the iPad?”. Reflecting upon these …

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Evaluating eBooks, ePubs, and Book Apps

One of our core discussions during our Reading Digitally Pilot has been “How do we evaluate the effectiveness of eBooks, ePubs, and Book Apps” to ensure we are focused on enhancement and transformation — what we’ve established as “What does the iPad do to enhance or transform learning, teaching, literacies, and the Cs: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, and curation”. Our Draft …

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Getting Social with eBooks

As we continue exploring the notion of Reading Digitally, one important question we are discussing is what happens when reading becomes (more) social, connected, and collaborative? Our focus has been on apps like Zite along with topics of curation and personalization. However, getting social  with eBooks has required a few extra steps: emailing notes, clipping from one’s Amazon public page …

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