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Recognizing the Moment: A “Mailroom” Shift


We’ve been on Google Apps for Education for three years with the exception of Gmail. This past week, this final piece was added. The point of this isn’t so much about Gmail but about recognizing the moment. It is easy to move through these changes focused only on deployment checklist. While critical, it’s important to recognize the day is different …

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Pin the Tail on the Donkey: How Aware is Your Community?

It feels too often we are playing pin the tail on the donkey — spin around recycling what we’ve always done and stumble towards a target that we can’t see nor understand. And, this lack of awareness is significantly restricting the depth and expansion of our conversations towards meaningful change. Just consider the following: Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), Stanford’s online courses, …

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Education STILL needs a Digital Upgrade

A recent article from the NYTimes, “Education Needs a Digital-Age Upgrade“, takes on the notion of today’s learning environments and drives home a point I’m not sure schools are addressing with the level of urgency needed: “Simply put, we can’t keep preparing students for a world that doesn’t exist. We can’t keep ignoring the formidable cognitive skills they’re developing on …

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On Better Schools: Panel Question Two

On October 24th, I had the pleasure of joining Patrick Higgins and David Warlick on a panel at TechForum NorthEast that was charged to get Beyond the Web 2.0 Hype. It was an intriguing discussion that I really enjoyed especially given the audience involvement. In continuing with posts for each question, I bring you my thoughts on the second question. …

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