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Accept Challenges

One of the most refreshing articles I’ve read recently is “Does the Digital Classroom Enfeeble the Mind?” by Jaron Lanier. A big reason is that it strikes personally at the heart of what appears to be too common these days in online circles of educators: an unwavering belief that we know all we need to know about teaching and learning, so schools …

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Talking Textbooks in Florida

I just finished reading the news report “Woodlawn Elementary thinks outside the book to pull D to a B” and here are but a few thoughts and questions among many that I have regarding textbooks: Are textbooks the reason for/cause of/obstacle to student achievement or Is the implementation and instructional use of textbooks the problem? a combination? Are the results …

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Get Deep and You'll Get Bigger Ideas

I tend to experience a gag reflect every time I come across someone referencing revolution with web 2.0. That is why I was a bit surprised that I actually found myself reading and interested in a recent post on Remote Access that questions just how revolutionary the ideas in the edu blogosphere are if  not challenged or threatened. While I’m …

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Raise Your Hands

Cross Posted at Techlearning Raise your hand if you spent time exploring, challenging, refining, and enhancing your professional practice today? Now, raise your other hand if that professional learning took place in a collaborative context with other professionals? I’m not a reform expert, but if all educators are not raising their hands almost each and every day when asked, the …

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From Their Perspective

This is the future… students want and need this… education needs to move here… if you aren’t doing this, your failing students… we can’t lose content… this is a fad… I don’t have time… In some form or fashion, comments like these are becoming common amongst educators discussing technology especially web 2.0. While these discussions are critical, these are usually …

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