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Inclusive or Exclusive

Is your school an inclusive or exclusive learning community? If it is the former, congratulations. You are ready to take great strides in learning and teaching. If it is the latter, congratulations. You just established a critical goal for your organization.

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This was a post sitting as a draft from August 16, 2009. I never published it for some reason, but I found it interesting as I’m now reading the Checklist Manifesto. Walk into my office and you’ll surely see a checklist right there on my dry erase board. Open my email account, you’ll see my daily To Do list. Yep, …

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Week One mobiMOOC: Thinking mLearning Project

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As part of our Week 1 activities in the mobiMOOC, we are encouraged to write about the following: Share how you use your mobile device now, is there any learning you do at this point? Informal (phoning a neighbor on how to raise tomato plants?) or formal (phoning to a colleague to get a technical answer)? Pick one of the …

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When School Stopped Tasting Right

Sheryl Nussbaum Beach posed three strong questions on Twitter today: 1. “if you were to define deep learning, what does it mean to you?” 2. “What does passion-based/interest-based learning look like?” and 3. “If you were creating a top 5 list for what effective 21st C education looks like- what would you include?” My thoughts blur across all those and …

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Learning from Your Local Coffee House

Right now, I’m sitting at Caribou Coffee. An aroma of coffee fills the air but it is the buzz amongst the 30 or so people that energizes the room with life. Each person has personally defined a space to gather with one other person, a group, or individually. Laughter, questions, and thoughts are being shared without concern for those near, …

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Letter to A New Teacher

Dear Cathy: Welcome to the greatest profession! Your energy for learning, students and their passions makes you a wonderful addition. I have no doubt the difference you will make in the lives of learners and to field of education, so I simply remind you to please… Please Go Fishing Down the Hall Go after it with your scholars. Challenge them, …

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