Drop the Ego to Connect and Grow

Maybe it was my Grandpa Thomson, the greatest story spinner I know. Perhaps it is my dad, the best conversation seeker I know. Or maybe my mentor Jeff Johnson, the most masterful connector I know. Most most likely, all three instilled in me a sense of childlike wonder that seeks out the wisdom of all those around me.

Life is so much about these connections and the energy each offers. I know that I am who I am today and I grow better daily BECAUSE of every person I encounter. These people offer insights that level up my mind, body, and heart on the journey for the creation of my best self.

It takes an unselfish, giving spirit. It takes listening skills. It takes an open heart and an open mind.  But it starts perhaps with dropping the ego and building the confidence that you only look foolish when your mindset is closed and fixed.

Olympic Coach Sommers said, "If you want to be a stud later, be a pud now". I must be well on my way because I constantly put myself in situations where I look and am a pud. _______ This picture means everything to me. Today, I learned so much. This day was about soaking up every piece of knowledge possible. Not just in words and teachings but in actions, approach, mindset, and outlook. It isn't about the weight, lifting, or ego. This is about learning, growing, friendship, and life. These moments are priceless and shape our very being long after the sport has passed us. Find and experience these pieces of life as much as possible. They are the essence of joy. ______ Thank you @fattestillinoislifter not only for identifying my areas of needed growth and showing me progressions to build upon, but for your mindset and passion. The athletes at Barbell Central@ are amazing with such wisdom but Barzeen, you my friend, are other level in terms of spirit, kindness, and wisdom. I hope I can somehow return the love! ______ #livelaughlove #mindset #growth #lift #lifting #BigvsSmall #ISuckatHeavy #crossfit #powerlifting #training #community #learn #lesson #Levelup #neverdone #CheckOutOurCalves #genetics

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Olympic Coach Sommers calls it being a pud: “If you want to be a stud later, be a pud now”. Egotistical people don’t have the confidence to be a pud, to recognize how much growth from others is possible, and to maintain a beginner’s mindset, a child-like wonder. Confidence is knowing you can do anything BUT understanding that means in part being open to learning from everyone and anyone.

Michael Strahan said one of his keys to success is knowing that “help will come from the most unexpected places. Be open to everything around you”. To see, however, means letting go of the blinding nature of ego.

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