100 Day Mindset Challenge

I’m obsessed with the potential of mindsets on human performance and potential. No… not the singular notion of “growth” mindset but rather the various mindsets we cultivated through experiences, skill development, and disposition frameworks. 

Born from this passion is an idea to challenge my kids over the next 100 days to dive a bit more deeply into their mindsets. 


I leave my children a note each day that is food for their development. This has shown to significantly mold their thinking and actions. However, I wanted to simplify and amplify this in a bit of a different way. Thus, the 100 day challenge.

  • Each day, I will leave them a baseball card that was created from a meaningful Instagram post focused on mindsets
  • Each baseball card has the Instagram post on one side and a challenge on the opposite
  • On the challenge side, there is room for their thoughts and determined action
  • Over the 100 days, they will have 100 challenges added to their ring along with their thoughts.
  • For the remaining 265 days of this year, they will work on those challenges by randomly or purposefully selecting a card daily.

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