Why Improv Creates Creative Chaos  for a Compassion Classroom

When I think about why I find it so valuable to bring improvisation to the classroom even to the point that I commit time during new teacher orientation week, it is about aligning our actions with our stated beliefs. Too many times, we talk at our teachers about things we believe but we never help shift them to action nor do we ourselves model those aspects.

Improv is a lever that provides pragmatic strategies, philosophical belief growth, and organizational values grounding.

  1. Mindsets
  2. Mindfulness, Mind-Body-Heart
  3. Courage – Creativity – Community
  4. Play, Fun, and Happiness
  5. Engagement and Movement
  6. Voice and choice 
  7. Growth minded
  8. Risk-taking
  9. Empathy 
  10. Agility, Assessment, and Reflection

These are just a few of the themes that emerged from working with teachers on improv. And many of these themes are what we say we want and believe to be important in the classroom. Improv work allows us to discuss these themes in pragmatic ways that make these deeply philosophical topics more digestible with ways to shape the classroom immediately.

Today, a partner and I continue our journey of reimagining learning and teaching using out of box, “noneducation” ways to approach key themes. Improv was one catalyst that evoked conversations in the aforementioned areas at an empathic, thoughtful way unlike years of conversation that seem surface levels.

Ideas flew at the end of how to use improv for all of the above BUT also the experience pushed them to reimagine practices that were counter to deep learning experiences.

Rethink. Reimagine. Get beyond education to create a new education!

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