Discover Each Student’s Story

All people have a story within a story, a tale of…

  • Needs
  • Barriers
  • Opportunities
  • Growth potential
  • Strengths 
  • Dreams
  • Failures 
  • Hopes
  • Disappointments

Our ability to understand the power of the individual story through all of our senses unlocks our ability to connect, feel empathy, and build a relationship.

And this allows for a bridge… A bridge to helping unlock human potential. When people feel they are heard and really listen to, the human condition is maximized allowing them to engage more, open up more, and explore more paths. Just think about a time you actually listened and heard someone’s story!

People light up when he or she is heard. As an educator, I can think of few things more important than hearing and knowing the story within the story of each student in your room. Listen with heart (feelings) , mind (ideas and opportunities) and body (cues).

From there, the connective and emotional bridge opens up growth of self and community. Invest in stories! 

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