Google Form Enhancements but More Importantly…

Google is at it again. This time, they’ve made four enhancements to Google Forms. The big one is that you can now embed YouTube videos into a form!

Oh yes, I said multiple videos. With this, you can now embed multiple images (not just one) into a form. Click here to see just a slapped together example.

What else did they add?

You can read more details here on their blog release.

  1. Insert YouTube Videos
  2. Show progress bar at the bottom of Form pages
  3. Data validation on questions (love this!)
  4. Custom response on closed Forms

More Importantly…

this continues to reinforce the idea of never landing and why this philosophy by Google is so important to education. If you look at the various enhancements Google has unveiled within the Chrome OS and Google Apps within the last two months, can you imagine if we had to wait for the new release to come out? How silly does something like Google Drive 2014 sound? Chrome OS 8 or Chrome OS Tom & Jerry?

The whole notion of waiting for the new software/OS release and then waiting for some technology and instructional technology to both test and  train just feels so antiquated.

In other words, this antiquated approach is saying “sorry teachers and students. We know this would be a  great enhancement with embeddable videos especially given what you are doing in the classroom. However, we have to wait for the release, order it, test it, pilot it, and then train you on it. And then, we’ll find a major break where we can get this on all of the computers… maybe winter or summer break.”



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