Not Skills or Content but cSHED

I can’t help but shake my head when I read things such as “Education should be skills-based“. In the same way that too much focus is placed on Content, a focus on Skills fails to recognize that education is meant to be so much more.

We should instead focus on a balance of knowing, doing, thinking, and being. This best happens through the creation of diverse, rich Experiences where learners can then self-reflect. It is here that we help grow the Knowledge, Skills, Habits of Mind, and Dispositions (cSHED) needed to be life-ready.

If we continue to see education as just job training or just college preparation, I am not sure we are capitalizing on everything students offer and schools could offer.

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  1. I really like what you’re saying here, but would caution you to consider the varying types of “being” and preferred “habits of mind” that exist out there. One group’s definition of life-ready likely differs from another. Also, what roles should church and other community efforts play in helping to prepare a child for life?


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