Cracking the Problem of Engagement

Cracking the Problem of Engagement

Without question, this is one of the best statements I’ve read in quite some time.

“If you can crack the problem of engagement– not just ‘are you paying attention?’, but ‘are you fascinated by this?’– if you can crack engagement in deep learning then you’ve cracked 21st century schooling.” Mike Berrill

So how are we cracking the problem of engagement? How are we moving engagement as compliance, engagement as active, or engagement as paying attention to engagement of the heart and mind? How are we creating sparks, igniting passions, and building connections?

Questions that should drive us because it is here we will come to know engagement that fulfills the purpose of education: ignite and support the passions of learners while developing the skills, habits of mind, experiences, and dispositions that foster the whole child and qualities of genius.



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