Programming as a World Language?

Programming as a World Language?

Programming. Programming. Programming.

From the President to the tech industry leaders, there is a call for education to focus more energy on this vision of technology. While I’m tired of hearing how coding is the end all be all determining factor of technology success and the either/or mentality associated with it, I do recognize the value of coding.

At the expense of trivializing coding, I continue to circle around this idea: what if programming was a language choice in high school World Language programs?

Globes are crashing to the floor as I write, I know. However, it is a language and one of the more important languages to become fluent in these days.

So what if Programming was a World Language offering? Would colleges accept this as a World Language credit? To what degree would students embrace the study of programming as a language opportunity? To what degree would world language teachers embrace it as a language opportunity?

There are exciting possibilities with this idea that are worthy of exploring. Is anyone already doing this in their school? I’d love to hear about it.

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