Recovering Lost Active Reading in Kindle App: COD Pilot

I’ve been reading on the Kindle App for over two years and I’ve never had my active reading highlights, notes, bookmarks, etc disappear. To my surprise, we had numerous students within our pilot experience this over the last couple days.

Stumped at first, I tossed the question out to Twitter and a colleague reminded me of the most important thing: the Cloud!

So I quickly sent students to to see if their active reading appeared. To everyone’s relief, there they were. Despite the scare, it was a great lesson in the value of the cloud!

That said, how the heck do we get the active reading back onto the device. Simple…

  1. On the device, go to your Kindle app and access the library
  2. Within the library, click and hold the cover of the book for which you need the active reading brought back
  3. Select “remove from device” – this will archive the book back into the cloud NOT delete the book
  4. Click Library and Archive
  5. Locate the book and tap it to download back to your device

That is it! Active reading restored! The entire process takes about 30 seconds.

Why did it happen? Not really sure but we noticed that wifi connection drops seems to lead to it. However, this is just a guess based upon common themes from those students that had the problem. Regardless, it is an easy resolution.

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