A Smile and a Hi

What if we encouraged these experiences and explorations more than we feared them? What if we worked diligently at fostering an environment built upon happiness, love, and interests/passions?

Those are questions that ran through my mind while watching this powerful video.

A few years ago, I found myself asking “why are hallways and elevators so uncomfortable”? There is that awkward moment where you are near someone that perhaps you don’t know or don’t know well.

And as I complained about the great lengths people will go to not to make a momentary connection despite this proximity, I realized I was at fault. I allowed it by  not initiating anything.So I started asking what if we started with a simple smile and a”hi” towards all we encountered in the hallway?

This is where I started a few years ago and I continue to work! Maybe it is insignificant but I’m not sure there is a better part to my day than watching a person look up, smile, and utter a response.

Little things…



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