Learning at its Finest

Learning at its Finest

I’m intrigued by the philosophy behind MakerSpaces mostly because it gets to the heart of learning in the pure sense.

This evening, my children spent a few hours in one type of MakerSpace designing a car, building a prototype of it, and creating the color crayons for the colors of it.

Crayon Maker

And I watched these two design, discover, explore, fail, rethink, and celebrate. They worked collaboratively , communicated their ideas in various forms, and created a product.

This inquiry-based experiential moment was learning at its finest in my mind. They were both in a state of flow. They were both in a state of pure happiness.

I observed. I listened. I questioned. When needed, I guided. But mostly, I gave feedback.

And again, I have to wonder what will happen to them in classrooms that don’t see learning in this way, classrooms that see learning as an object not a process.



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