Digital Textbooks Data Analytics Mining

Digital Textbooks Data Analytics Mining

As I read Now E-Textbooks Can Report Back on Students’ Reading Habits, I found myself asking over and over whether this idea of monitoring every detail of student reading is a good thing.

“When students use print textbooks, professors can’t track their reading. But as learning shifts online, everything students do in digital spaces can be monitored, including the intimate details of their reading habits” (Marc Parry).

And it is is this notion of “monitored” that I think disturbs me. I’ve said before that digital readers are becoming windows into our reading habits, and I do like the possibility of data analytics for helping readers deepen their habits of mind and dispositions.

However, the world of keeps bubbling to the surface and the reality that this tool is used to monitor, catch and punish, and discourage certain actions more than it is used as a learning tool.

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