Social Media Anticipation Guide

One of the things I struggle with in terms of social media is introducing it to teachers new to the possibilities. While I’ve done the traditional presentation or tool showcase, I wanted to rethink this a bit and target themselves as teachers.

One of the mechanisms I enjoyed leveraging with a new topic that evokes considerable discussion is an anticipation guide, so I thought why not. With that in mind, I asked the other day on Google+ about mindsets and philosophies as it related to social media and the classroom. I took the thoughts gathered there and some of my own to create this Social Media Anticipation Guide.

Using the Social Media Anticipation Guide

The target for use with this guide is on having a rich discussion surrounding the ideas of social media. This allows for active participation while allowing me to infuse ideas in areas that are needed. It also gives teachers a chance to evaluate themselves a bit.

  1. Individually complete the anticipation guide – facilitator walks the room addressing any question confusion. Each person needs to take a hard line of True or False
  2. Create a Human Spectrogram starting with question one.
  3. Discuss positions and debate amongst participants – facilitators notes areas of misconceptions and course correction needs
  4. Have each person adjust their position and snap a photo with your phone for use later (note question number)
  5. Repeat 2-4 for each question
  6. Have the participants evaluate
  7. Present on misconceptions and lead a Q&A with you

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