Print Effect Infographics

I find infographics a very interesting communication medium especially for topics that are difficult to portray without the visual components. One of those topics that I find difficult to address is paper consumption because it is too often just taken for granted despite important messages about the need to shift our thinking.

Paper Effect came through my Reader the other day as a mechanism for creating an infograph on the paper consumption if my tweets were printed.

Twitter Infographic

What I’m intrigued by is taking such a process with Twitter and moving this into areas more readily used by schools. For instance, what would an infographic look like with printing of student work? of handouts given to students? of handouts given at meetings? of paper printed in computer labs?

A print effect infographic campaign for schools would be a great process to embark upon for schools wanting to reduce their footprint.


  1. I like this, I’ve tweeted them and suggested they do a version where you can just type in a number of A4 pages. Would have the desired effect I think?



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