Thoughtful Pauses with my Moleskine

Bud Hunt is throwing a twist into the Twitter #engchat this evening. Kicking it off, he has asked us to start with this prompt:

How do you incorporate thoughtful pauses, moments for contemplation and consideration, into your digital reading and writing lives?  What do those thoughtful pauses look like?  When do they happen?  How do you help others to do the same?

I spend twice a day in thought and formally writing: in the morning and before bed.

These are not pauses but my recollection and playing with those moments that occur throughout the day.

Since I can remember, I’ve disconnected when I need to and it has gotten me in trouble more times than not. Whether in class, in meetings, or at a social gathering, my body starts to drift and those recognizable signs lead me to pause, think, and doodle. There is no set time… no set schedule.

My body simply tells me and I embrace it.

It is why my moleskine is always with me. In fact, people often laugh when they see it come out because they know I’m wrestling with ideas and curiosities.

But, I’ve long been a proponent of active reading and continue to do this in my digital readings. I feel these are pauses for thinking, times where I can get lost in an idea. In fact, it might be why I feel I’ve slowed down in my reading since going digital because I’m spending more times with my ideas that are growing from my reading.

My moleskine and active readings are my thoughtcasting to myself, moments of unobstructed thought that I look back at later and say “Ooohhh”, “Wow”, “Ugh”, and a lot of times “what?”

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