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My Dilemma

How do I sentence my son to the public education experience that seems to have lost itself?

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Ryan's Presentations

See the focus of my learning, learning, and teaching through my presentations.

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Read my shifting thoughts on learning, leading, and teaching on Metanoia.

My Four Areas of Passion!


1Lasting learning is about true engagement. When we focus on experiences that transform the moment, that evokes imagination and creation, we begin to see learning at its core: a bias towards action.


2When we honor joy, happiness, and love over policies, procedures, and standardization, we begin truly leading. Leadership today is about reimagining our role as building a sense of agency and agility.


3While learning and teaching are not synonymous, teaching is allows us to create conditions and conditions that grow the whole child: content knowledge, skills, mindsets, & dispositions


4At the heart of what I believe is this idea of co-designing engaged experiences that lead to joy, love, happiness, and wonder. Whether physical, digital, or cognitive, this is our foundational mission.